Why A Water Marketplace?

Water is an essential and precious natural resource for all. Texas Water Exchange is a water market that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of water management in Texas, directly through rights trading or by being your trusted advisers. Let us help you find the right deal to buy, sell or lease water without having to worry about the paperwork. We manage it for you. And we guarantee privacy during negotiation.

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Buy Water Rights

Find your source of water today, before it’s too late.

Sell Water Rights

Are you getting a fair price for what your water is worth?

Analytics & Data

Everything you need to navigate in the modern age of water competition.

Hedging & Mitigation

With increasing exposure to water risk, hedge against weather extremes.

Why Texas Water Exchange?

Texas Water Exchange exists to help you manage your water assets and to market water where it’s needed most.

  • 100% dedication to the Texas water industry
  • Our services increase the wealth of Texas
  • Decades of knowledge and experience

TWE Products & Services

  • When you list as a buyer, you gain access to the most current and independent data on the water market in Texas.
  • We provide you a platform to ask your price and negotiate with potential buyers until both sides are satisfied.
  • Gain access to our exclusive analytics. Everything you need to navigate in the modern age of water competition. Our guarantee: it’s the best data in town.

Invest in Texas Water

We have done well, and are seeking the right partners to scale our growth and achieve our ambitious goals. If you would like to discuss an opportunity to join our team as an investor, please contact:Anastasia Valdes – CEO

TWE Consulting Services

Whether you represent an agricultural or transportation business, municipality, utility or an oil and gas company, the impact of our insight and experience may be the difference between a successful completion of your water project and the alternative. //read more